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Heavy Rain Warning

Heavy Rain Warning Cancellation issued by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service at 3:30 pm this afternoon on Thursday 16th February  2017.
A Heavy Rain Warning previously inforce for Most Provinces is now cancelled.
Situation: A monsoon trough lies to the south of Solomon Islands.
Periods of rain and showers with isolated thunderstorms can still be experienced but will be below warning threshold.
However, do not attempt to cross flooding rivers and large streams of unknown depth.
This is the final update.
Date:  16th February 2017.




Find out about the worst flood in your area and how high the
flood waters reach. Would it reach your home?

Floods can serously affect transport lines with airports
closed,roads submerged and bridges washed away.

Animals and crops get drowned and washed away and
sometimes soil is saturated for months afterwards,
preventing new planting.


Keep valuables and some food
and water above the high watermark. Attics or upstairs
rooms are good places for storage, as long as there is
easy access.

Know how to reach the
nearest high ground.

Animals can swim well. Do not
leave them in confined areas
or pens. Open gates so that
animals can escape.

Listen to weather reports and update for advice
and instructions.

Take your emergency kit with you if you have to
leave your home.


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